Following on the success of its Eighth International Cadmium Conference held in Kunming, China in 2011, the International Cadmium Association (ICdA) is pleased to announce that its Ninth International Cadmium Conference will be convened at the Hotel Hilton International in Lisbon, Portugal on Wednesday and Thursday, the 26th and 27th of October 2016.

This two-day conference will be dedicated to Responsible Care Management of cadmium and cadmium compounds and their products. Five wide-ranging and in-depth sessions are planned to explore:

  • Cadmium Human Health Effects: Workers and the General Population
  • Control of Occupational Exposure to Cadmium
  • Cadmium Exposure in the General Environment
  • Regulations
  • Cadmium Markets and Applications

Each of these sessions will present the latest, in-depth information from the world’s leading experts on cadmium and its compounds, their health and environmental effects, their applications, markets and regulatory status. Particular emphasis will be placed on appraisals of the human health and environmental risks that cadmium and its compounds pose, and how the cadmium industry is undertaking responsible care management to mitigate or minimize those risks. Specific items addressed will be occupational exposure cadmium control, reduction of cadmium emissions to the environment (soil, water and air), recycling of cadmium-containing products, and safe storage of cadmium-containing wastes. Discussions of applications and markets for cadmium and its compounds will emphasize future trends and how regulation of cadmium products might affect future cadmium markets.

The conference will be of interest to companies that refine, process and recycle cadmium as well as to academics and legislators.


We look forward to your registration.

Mik Gilles & Noömi Lombaert

International Cadmium Association

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